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A Communal Cremation for Your Pet

The Communal Cremation and Green Burial Area

The Communal Cremation Service is a dignified alternative to the Individual Cremation. Many of you do not want the ashes of your pets back and indeed perhaps do not want to think about what will happen to them. However, deep down, most of you will hope they are given the courtesy of careful and respectful handling and perhaps an undisturbed final resting place.

 For your communal cremation your pet will be handled with same high level of care and respect as our other services. Pets are carefully placed side by side in the cremation chamber during the day. After cooling, which is usually the next morning, all the ashes of the pets are carefully collected.  The remains are buried in a memorial area in the Pet Cemetery here at Chestnut Lodge. Obviously as the ashes are mixed no remains can be returned to you. You may visit to see the Cemetery and there is a memorial bed next to the burial area where you can leave flowers. If you require further visiting rights or would like a plaque installed then a small annual maintenance fee is charged

You may bring your pet to us or we can collect from your veterinary surgery. There will sometimes be a fee for collection but we can often combine this with our scheduled visits to the area. The choice about that is yours.


Care and Respect in Handling Your Pet at All Times

A number of high quality, professional veterinary surgeries use us for their clients’ pet cremations and in those cases pets are normally collected on one of two days during the week. You will usually be invoiced by the veterinary practice for this service. These collections are made in a medium wheelbase Vauxhall van. Within the van the pets are placed into containers to ensure a dignified transportation. Pets are never placed one on top of the other but are carefully placed side by side in the containers. Some establishments make a point about collecting in cars rather than vans but an overloaded car is a far less respectful method of transportation than a van when dealing with a number of pets. With our system our driver can easily walk inside to move the containers within the van and ensure all the pets are safe. Our level of handling is very rare in the pet cremation sector and is one factor that goes towards establishing us as one of the top services in the UK. It maintains our first golden rule that we always work as if you are standing next to us. If you were to stop us at any time during transportation then we are confident you would be happy that we were doing everything in our power to ensure your pet was carried with care and respect.

A single collection from your home or vet is available in one of our cars. This will involve a collection fee which will depend on your location. Please speak to us to discuss this.


A peaceful last resting place

At the end of the cremation cycle the ashes are taken to the Pet Cemetery  and placed into a large grave that is used for a period of time. As each layer is completed within the grave it is covered over ready for the new ash.

The grave is surrounded by a closed fence and there is a memorial bed adjacent to it where plaques and other pet memorials may be placed.


Contact us Direct to be Sure Your Pet Receives a Respectful Communal Pet Cremation Service

Most veterinary surgeries will tell you that your pet is taken for a communal or mass cremation. This is one of the most misleading statements that are regularly made. There is massive competition on price for the veterinary contracts and the normal service is for pets to be stored in freezers until the weekly collection comes when they are usually piled into vans, heaped into wheely bins at the other end, piled into large incinerators and the ashes finally sent off to a landfill site after being stored in skips. We do not think this constitutes a cremation service but is a simple disposal. That is fine if it is what you want but we believe it is wrong for you to be paying for a cremation service if that is the treatment your pet is receiving. If your veterinary surgery does not use us for the communal cremation service then it is likely your pet will be handled this way. If you are concerned you should ask your vet about the procedures for the service they use. You may find they do not know. To avoid any misunderstanding please contact us direct so we may help you. It is best to think about this in advance as you do not want to be left having to make a decision when your pet had just died and you are in a distressed and vulnerable state.


Our Commitment to You

Some pet crematoriums place great emphasis on the fact that they only carry out individual cremations but that is usually a business decision on their part and has nothing to do with providing the best service for their clients. We offer both individual and communal cremations so that we may treat all of you and all your pets with the respect you all deserve – we don’t cut corners with the handling to try to give cheap prices to third parties, we don’t send the ashes to landfill sites because we can’t be bothered to provide a permanent resting place, we don’t take on huge numbers of surgeries so that it is impossible to handle pets properly and we ensure you have all the details of the service to hand and can question us or come to see us at any time.

If you wish to bring your pet to us the communal cremation fees are

Tiny (under 1kg) £35

Size 1 ( under 7kg) £50

Size 2 (7-20kg) £58

Size 3 (20-33kg) £65

Size 4 (33-50kg) £76

Size 5 (over 50 kg) £89

Please let us know if you would like us to take a fur cutting for you. This is free of charge.
Similarly you may like to have either a paper or clay paw print taken.

To bring your pet to us you just need to call to make an appointment. You can often come straight away but it will depend on other pets being brought to us. If you wish us to carry out a special collection for your pet then an additional collection fee will apply.