The Highest Standards for Pet Cremation and Pet Burial Services

All our procedures are geared towards providing you with the very highest standards for pet cremation and pet burial services
you can possibly receive.

The most important accreditation is from the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.
Membership shows we are committed to providing genuine pet cremation and pet burial services with no tricks to confuse you.
The inspection programme is very rigorous and really delves into the workings of the pet crematorium and pet cemetery.
It checks the biggest problem in this sector – the misleading descriptions that so often hide poor or fraudulent practices.
We are happy to say we passed all the checks.

Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria logoThe Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.


The cremation or burial of your pet will be carried out according to the Code of Practice of The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria – the principal organisation setting standards for pet bereavement services.

The APPCC has been focusing on the standards for pet cremations and burials since 1992. In particular, they are concerned that pets destined for cremation or burial should be handled with care and respect during the whole service, including collection, storage, cremation or burial and the handling of the remains. They insist that all services are sold with openness and honesty so you know exactly what you are getting and have time to come to an informed decision about the service you want.

Chestnut Lodge has been independently inspected and verified to handle all pets respectfully, to work to the strictest procedures and to ensure all descriptions and publicity reflect the services provided with clarity and honesty. You can have no doubts about the quality and accuracy of the service you receive.

Follow this link to see the Consumer Code of the APPCC


Trading Standards Buy With Confidence LogoThe Trading Standards “Buy With Confidence” Scheme.


We have been approved under the West Sussex County Council “Buy With Confidence Scheme. The scheme is the largest of its kind run by Trading Standards Departments throughout the UK.

The inspections may vary across the country but our local office do not give approval lightly and businesses have to undergo a series of checks and references. Above all, they must demonstrate their commitment to Fair Trading and provide a quality service to their clients.

Remember that our doors are always open to anyone who wants to see what we do and our first Golden Rule is that we always work as if the pet owner is standing next to us.

Unlike many of the commercial veterinary services we do not have one standard for people coming to us personally and another for collections from vets. Everyone is the same to us. That is what Fair Trading is all about and why we hope Trading Standards will ensure these rules are applied universally.


Our Four Golden Rules for Pet Cremation


Always imagine the owner of the pet is standing behind you and watching your every action.
That way you will always carry out the service with care and dignity.

Always make sure the identification label stays with the pet, is attached to the machine when the cremation is taking place  and stays with the ashes for all Individual Cremations.
Never separate the label from the pet. 

Always make sure the cremation chamber and ashes processors are cleaned thoroughly to collect all the remains before the next Individual Cremation or ashes preparation begins.
There must be no mixing of remains for Individuals. 

Always work as if it is your first cremation and pay the same attention as you did then.
There are no second chances – it has to be right first time.

Technical Approvals for Pet Cremation and Burial

Finally, the technical approvals we need in order to operate legally. Pet cremations and burials fall under the Animal By Product Regulations and anyone operating must have these approvals. However, they are purely for the technical operation of an incinerator or burial  of any animal carcasses and have no relevance to the performance of a pet cremation or burial service. Beware of  companies that use these approvals to indicate they are approved by DEFRA or The Environment Agency for what they do in relation to their cremation or burial work – it is a lie! 
Carriers Licence : WSX/874305; CB/BP3973BN (West Sussex County Council)
Animal and Plant Health Agency (DEFRA) Approvals Crematorium : 42/322/8002/ABP/INC; Cemetery : U1 196964