Pet Cremation Keepsakes and Cremation Jewellery

Either our pet cremation keepsakes or our pet cremation jewellery may be used for a sample of your pet’s ashes, a lock of fur or both.

All items are available for sale separately, please contact us for details. 

The Hearts and Classic keepsakes can also act as an option for the return of ashes for individual cremations of tiny pets such as rats, hamsters or small birds but are not large enough for the entire ashes of any pet over 1kg.

If you have chosen a Communal Cremation or Burial a lock of fur will be placed inside, instead of ashes.

Silver Bead Charms

These sterling silver bead charms can have a small amount of Individual ash or fur inside or a tiny sample of both. The compartment is closed by a screw which can be sealed to completely secure the contents. Beads are compatible with other bracelets including Pandora & Chamilia. Gift Boxed
Bracelet sold seperately.
silver charms for ash or fur


CH1 – Charm Bracelet £44

CH2- Round Cat

CH3- Round Paw Print

CH4- Triangle Bone

CH5- Round Bone

CH6- Barrel Reptile

CH7- Brushed Marquise

CH8- Polished Round  

CH9- Polished 2 Lines

CH10- Polished Ribbed

CH11- Brushed Cross


Cremation Jewellery 

925 Sterling Silver except SJ10 which is stainless steel. 

The necklace goes through the pendant, ensuring a long lifespan.

A small screwed compartment allows a sample of ashes (pinch) or fur can be placed inside. These pendants do NOT come with a necklace.



SJ9- 50cm Necklace

SJ9xl- 60cm Necklace



SJ1- Cat Pendant

SJ2-Teardrop Paw Print

SJ3- Paw Heart Pendant

SJ4- Heart Pendant

SJ5- Ball Pendant

SJ6- Star Bone Pendant

SJ7- Cylinder Pendant











SJ10 – Infinity Symbol

(Stainless Steel)

SJ11 – Rectangle Paw Print

SJ12 – Delicate Heart/Paw






Acorn Silver Cremation Jewellery

These Sterling Silver pendants can provide a fitting tribute to your friend. They can contain either a small amount of Individual ash or a piece of fur or a tiny sample of both. The item is secured inside your chosen pendant with a securely sealed stopper.
Each pendant comes Gift Boxed with a 457mm Sterling Silver chain. 
silver pendants with chain for ashes or fur

P1- Round Pendant

P2- Cylinder Pendant

P3- Teardrop Pendant

P4- Heart Pendant

P5- Cross Pendant


Keepsake Keyrings

These stylish keyrings contain a vial for a token of Individual ash or fur or a tiny sample of both. Can be discreetly & safely taken wherever you go.
They measure approximately 5.5cm by 1.5cm and come in a variety of colours.
keepsake keyrings with vial for ashes or fur