Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium

The Pet Crematorium started in a very small way in 1974 and since we took over in 1986 has grown to be one of the most respected in the country.
It is also known under the original name of The Cemetery and Crematorium for Domestic Pets.

Why Choose Our Pet Crematorium?

Our focus for the pet crematorium has always been to provide you with the pet cremation service you want for your pet carried out the way you expect. To do this we focus on excellence in

the handling of your pets from the moment we receive them to returning their ashes.

the transportation of your pet from home or your vet to the pet crematorium.

✅ our working practices to ensure we carry out the cremation to standards that are second to none

✅ the presentation of your pets’ ashes or the scattering or burial in our pet cemetery.

We carry out everything as if you are beside us every step of the way.

Backing this up is our approval by independent inspection with The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.

We are also approved by Trading Standards under the Buy With Confidence scheme.

Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium is one of the few pet crematoriums in the UK to carry out respectful individual and communal cremation services We ensure the same care and respect applies to each service. This applies whether you bring your pet to us or we collect from your home or vet.

Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium Reception Area

The Cremation Carried Out The Way Your Expect

Misunderstanding, misrepresentation and outright fraud litter the history of pet cremation. This became clear to us when we first took over the pet crematorium.

If you want an individual cremation you most likely want your pet to be carefully handled and cremated on its own with all the ashes meticulously collected and returned to you. That is the way we have always worked and always will.

The main factor in the process is care. Care about the way we handle your pet; Care about the way we carry out the cremation; Care about the way we collect all the ashes after the cremation; Care about the way we present the ashes and Care about you.

At Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium we always work as if you are with us every step of the way

Services at The Pet Crematorium

Whichever service you choose, it will be carried out with the same high level of care and respect.
You may wish to look at the options and prices for these services to see which suit your wishes.

Individual Pet Cremation Options and Prices

Communal Pet Cremation Options and Prices

Immediate or Attended Cremations with ashes ready to take home

Burial Options and Prices

See Full Details of Everything We Do

At Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium we have nothing to hide and we always work as if you are standing next to us at all times. Learn more about the way we work with the links below.

Bringing Your Companion to Us – Our Pet Reception Rooms

The Transportation of Your Companion to the Pet Crematorium

What is a Pet Cremation Service?

The Way Individual Pet Cremation is Carried Out

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Cremation 

Register Your Details With Us

If you feel that you would like Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium to help you when your pet finally passes away then you may like to register your details with us. That way we will have everything in hand and we will send you some information together with a card that you may hand to your vet to tell them we will be handling the arrangements. Hopefully, it will make things easier for you to deal with when the time comes. You may register at any time, even if your pet is still young. Look at it as a form of insurance that if anything did happen you would know who to turn to.

Register Your Pet With Chestnut Lodge


Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria Inspected Logo

The highest levels of accreditation

As Founder Members of The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria, you can be sure that we are bound by strict procedural requirements over any services described as cremations.

To give you the maximum confidence we have now been inspected and approved by an independent company to show that we describe everything that we do accurately and that our technical procedures match those descriptions and meet the high standards of the APPCC Code of Practice. The inspection not only verifies the accuracy of our descriptions and systems but also the quality of the services. Very few pet crematoriums are able to pass such a detailed inspection process.

Click here to see the APPCC Code of Practice

This document allows you to know exactly how your pet will be handled and cremated.

The APPCC Code is the definition of what it is to be a pet crematorium. We support the Association completely and always live up to the standards. Go to the APPCC website.