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Don’t be left making a “distress purchase” decision when you lose your pet: When you lose a pet you will likely be upset, confused and not thinking properly. This is not the time to be making a decision about how you want your pet to be handled. You will probably be at your veterinary surgery and a staff member will be suggesting the service they use. It is most likely they use a commercial service that handles all their waste, cremations and disposals and the handling and procedures may be controlled by the price the surgery is paying rather than the service to you. Also, their ideas about the cremation  may be very different to yours and influenced by other business factors. Their form of cremation may not be the way you want your pet to be handled.

Look at the service we can offer you: To ensure your pet receives the service you want for them it makes sense to get some plans in place. It is an unfortunate fact that pet cremation is only regulated at a basic disposal level and many commercial veterinary cremation services have a different level of service to vets than they do to people going to them directly. Chestnut Lodge is probably the leading complete pet cremation service in the UK to handle all pets with same high level of care and respect no matter which service is chosen or where they come from. This includes transportation, any temporary storage, the procedures of the cremation and the final resting place of any ashes that are left with us. We always work as if you are standing next to us.

Register now and forget about it – no obligation but you will know everything will be in place when the time comes: Registering with us means that when the time eventually comes you can simply call on us and we will be able to help you with the minimum of fuss. Registration with us costs nothing and is not binding. You can change your mind about what you want at any time.

We will keep your details safely on file and you will be sent a registration number. You will also be entitled to a £10 discount on the cremation fees at the time of the service, when arranged directly with Chestnut Lodge. Don’t worry if you mislay your details – we will hold them.