Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery

Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery is a complete pet bereavement facility giving you the choice over the type of cremation or burial you would like for your pet.
Located near Gatwick and East Grinstead, we are here to help pet owners in London, Sussex, Surrey and further afield.

During COVID-19 we will continue to operate as we are a key business.
We can still collect from your home or vet. You may still bring your pet to us and have time in our comfortable reception room.
We ask you to be as prompt as possible for your appointments so we can ensure there is only one family here at a time.
Just call us and we will explain what will happen and ensure you can still have the best service for your pet.

Visitors must wear a face covering in all areas – Thank you.
We respectfully ask you not to smoke while visiting Chestnut Lodge.

Pet Crematorium Reception and Office

Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium

Whether an individual or communal cremation we handle your pet with care and respect. We carry out the cremation with meticulous precision. You have the choice to witness the individual cremation of your pet and take the ashes home the same day ……. Learn More

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Your Questions Answered

See our Frequently Asked Questions about pet burial and pet cremation. If the answer is not there then just ask us and we will respond. …… Learn More

The Pet Cemetery and Pet Memorial Gardens

Chestnut Lodge Pet Cemetery

Choose a formal or green burial for your pet. You may have a plot for the ashes of your pet or choose to have them scattered over the Cemetery grounds. The ashes from communal cremations are all buried in the Pet Cemetery …….. Learn More

Plan for your pet's cremation in advance

Preparing in Advance

Register your details with us and, when the time comes, you will have the very best service available with the least fuss.
There is no obligation and you can change your mind at any time. 
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The highest standards for pet cremation and pet burial

The Highest Standards

We guarantee you receive the highest standards in pet cremation and burial services. View our 4 Golden Rules for the cremation of your pet. See how our accreditation reinforces our strict procedures.
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See our Blog

Keep up-to-date with our Latest News about pet cremation, pet burial and what is happening at Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery.
Latest : The Pet Funeral Sector – Is there humanity behind closed doors?
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Individual Pet Cremation Urns

Respectful Individual Pet Cremation

The Individual Pet Cremation service at Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery is carried out to standards that are second to none.

Your pet will be handled with care and respect from beginning to end (including collection either from your home or your vet). It will be just your pet in the cremation chamber and we will meticulously sweep out all the ash after the cremation has finished. This care in preserving all the ash is carried through all the preparation. You then have the choice of how you would like the ashes presented or to have them scattered or buried at Chestnut Lodge Pet Cemetery.
You may attend the cremation if you wish and see any part of the process. We work the same way whether you are with us or not and we guarantee never to betray the trust you place in us.

See the options for your Individual Pet Cremation Service here.

Pet Cemetery Entrance

Respectful Formal and Green Burial

The Pet Cemetery was established in an area of ancient woodland in 1969. We have designed several options for you to have your pet buried within the Cemetery grounds.

You may choose a formal burial within a coffin in a plot marked by a headstone, plaque or full grave surround.

If you prefer a simpler burial then you may choose a green burial. Here your pet is wrapped in a shroud and buried in a plot marked by a shrub and a small tree stake plot marker. The green area will eventually form part of the woodland. There are formal or green plots for the burial of ashes or they may be scattered over the grounds of the Pet Cemetery.

You may visit your plot at any time. There is a small annual maintenance fee payable. This ensures the continuation of the Cemetery into the future.

See full details of the Pet Cemetery here

Communal Pet Cremation Ashes Burial Area

Respectful Communal Pet Cremation

The Communal Pet Cremation Service is a dignified alternative to the Individual Cremation. Many of you do not want to have the ashes of your pet returned and, perhaps, do not want to think about what will happen to them. The Communal Pet Cremation Service gives your pet the courtesy of careful and respectful handling and an undisturbed final resting place. This sets it apart from other services that may bear the same name.

The handling of your pet is the same as the individual service. The only difference is that pets are cremated side by side and all the ashes placed into a grave in the Pet Cemetery here at Chestnut Lodge which you are welcome to come and see.

See the full details of the Communal Pet Cremation Service here

Reviews for Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery

These are some of our latest reviews. Please go to our review page to place a review or look at what other people have said about us.

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog on Sunday and just a few weeks before, our other beautiful dog. So hard to lose two so close together. The services of Chestnut Lodge have been brilliant. Will definitely use them again however, I hope this wont be for a good few years.

We had our dearest boy Bertie individually cremated by Chestnut Lodge after last week after a vet visited us from Vets2Home - both organisations have been absolutely incredible. Chestnut Lodge has dealt with everything with sincerity and sympathy - returning our boy personally to our vets surgery. it could not have been dealt with more sympathetically which helped us enormously in our grief and loss - so many thanks

Provide a really caring and excellent service. Very understanding and supportive of our grieve and need. I’ve used the service for our previous cat and totally satisfied with the company that I didn’t hesitate to use it again with Coco. I know Coco was being well looked after.

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