Bluebells in Chestnut Lodge Pet Cemetery



The bluebells have come into flower to mark the entrance to the Pet Cemetery here at Chestnut Lodge. All the plants in the Cemetery seem to flower a little later than those up by the house due to the shadier aspect of the area being part of the ancient woodland that divides our property. It is always good to see them as it means that spring really is on the way, even if the weather of late has tried to deny it.


The bluebells in the pet cemetery seem to all be the native variety rather than the hardier Spanish bluebells that are taking over. If you are interested in seeing the difference than click on this link.

The difference between native and Spanish bluebells

Of course, some gardeners look on bluebells as a bit of a problem as they spread rapidly but in the woodland setting of the Cemetery nothing is prettier at this time of year. We look on them as a real treasure.


They make a beautiful backdrop to the graves in the cemetery. Here we see them in the borders around the individual cremation graves.


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