Today, March 2nd, is Old Stuff Day which is all about celebrating ….yes, old stuff!

You may never have heard of Old Stuff Day but it gives us a chance to think about older things, people and pets that may not be fully appreciated until we no longer have them.

Teddy Bear

I was thinking about my oldest personal possession and that has to be my old teddy bear who has spent most of his life in a trunk in various lofts. Linda found him recently and decided he deserved to see the light of day again so he now resides in the bedroom.

I have had him since very young – in fact he was larger than I was when he arrived and I believe quite frightened me.

He was named “Mr Tubby” (apologies for the sizeist name) after one of Noddy’s neighbours in Toyland. Not sure exactly when he was bought but he will certainly be over 60 years old now.

Yes, that makes me Old Stuff too!


Of course, some the best of old stuff can be our pets.

Our own Giles is 16 this year although not showing any signs of slowing down. He has been with us since we took him on as a kitten from Cats Protection, when the cattery was based round the corner from us in Cuttinglye Road, Crawley Down. 

Rescue centres always have trouble housing older pets but there can be nothing more rewarding than giving an old animal comfort and love in their twilight years. Cats Protection, Kitty in the City and The Animal Protection Trust,  Last Chance Animal Rescue and Kit Wilson Trust are useful centres to contact if you are looking for a pet.

Giles has never been a very trusting cat and has always been well nigh impossible to get hold of. After 16 years he is finally starting to become more companionable and trusting- but only on his terms. He is not good at defending himself and will often rush inside in the evenings for our protection when a neighbouring cat gets too close.


a ginger cat

Finally, I am drawn to a picture that we have hanging in our reception. It is by the late Sydney Hauser who combinbed calligraphy with drawings of cats. “Youth is a Gift of Nature …Age is a Work of Art”, a quote by the Polish Poet Stanislaw Jerzy Lec.


Sadly, Sydney died at the age of 67 in 2012. We had contacted her a few years before then as we were impressed with her work. We had hoped she might be able to design some artwork for us but she had already retired by that time and was not doing any more commercial work. 

Enjoy your old things whether they be people, pets or treasures. Very often we only truly appreciate them when we do not have them any more.

A book titled youth is a gift of nature

If you have an elderly pet then you may be concerned about what will happen when the inevitable day comes. We have all the answers on our site. Why not start with the Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery Home page or look at the Frequently Asked Questions about pet cremation and pet burial.